This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Making it through another weekend without hubby seamlessly, while he was off running the VT 50. This used to be hard for me but now I’m quite good at it!

* Tacos! This is a family favorite, except for hubby, so we have them every time he leaves. We’ve eaten them for 3 meals now and it makes my life so easy…and yummy.

* Our kitties! I know I say this every time, but they just rock. We have one that sleeps next to our dog and one that sleeps next to our fish. Seriously, how magical is that?

* The Knot Genie brush that Michelle LOVES! Seriously, I was grateful for this last week, but this week I’ve had a full 8 days of my oldest son not running from me when I want to comb his hair. DO YOU KNOW HOW MIRACULOUS this is????!!!!! Combing my boys very tangly hair (no matter how short) has long been a source of contention and torture for both of us. And now the battle has just disappeared! It says on their homepage: “Your wish for pain-free hair brushing has been granted” and IT HAS!! Thank you, Knot Genie! (And no, they’re not paying me.) Thank you, Michelle! This is a godsend that every mother should own!

* My aerial silks which are a most cherished practice of passion, frustration and personal evolvement!

* Cider.

* Onion and chive cream cheese.

* Asiago cheese crackers, bagels, anything!

* Fireman Sam is free on roku and it’s keeping my 3 year old happy whilst I write this post. It keeps him happy every morning as I get stuff done. Thank god for you, Fireman Sam.

* I decluttered a whole bunch of more crap this weekend~ kitchen drawers and cabinets, bathroom drawers, etc ~  and the energy in my house feels clean and clear. I just love that.

Don’t forget to appreciate the little things this Magical Monday. ♥

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