How do you like to eat your Poptarts? I like to toast them and separate the layers, eating the pastry first and saving the crunchy, sugary frosting for last. Mmmmmmmmmm.

“You know you shouldn’t feed the kids sugary foods for breakfast…”

I looked at The Commenter (hint: they are related to me, but not by blood…) with a look that said, “BITE ME.”

My mornings are nuts, with a capital “N”. My children don’t go to bed until about 8pm (or later) and by the time 6:45AM rolls around, I have to DRAAGGGGGGG my kids out of bed. Already, this is 20 minutes later than it really should be, and my kids spend the next 20 minutes screaming “SLEEPY!!!” as they pull the covers over their heads and plead with me to turn off the lights. By the time we’re dressed, and pottied, it’s at least 7:15. By that time, I have about 30 minutes to brush their teeth, get them fed, hydrated, faces wiped, shoes on, backpacks on…you know the deal. It’s crucial to be on time; otherwise, I hit all the schoolbuses, am late dropping them off for school, and end up being 15 minutes late for work.

When my kids were little, they were like baby birds, opening their mouths at the sight of each spoonful of mashed food. I used to be able to prepare their breakfast in advance and have it waiting on the table when we emerged form the chaos. Now that they’re older and have experienced the joys of Froot Loops, pancakes (which serve only as a vehicle for the syrup), muffins, and breakfast cookies, they hold out. It’s pretty much pointless to do anything in advance.

“NO! I don’t want a bagel!”

“ICK! I don’t like oatmeal!!”

Just shoot me now.

We spend the first 10 minutes of breakfast negotiating about what to eat. Thankfully, my daughter loves yogurt and my son loves berries, so breakfast almost always start with that. But with lunch that isn’t until noon at their preschool, a cup of yogurt or a bowl of berries ain’t gonna cut it.

So lately, the path to least resistance is to give in to what they ask for, within reason – I mean, I do put my foot down to gummies, jellybeans and ice cream. They get a balanced lunch, generally eat well at dinner, get a daily multivitamin, and drink their milk. But breakfast…you want Froot Loops? Sure (I don’t know why because they’re NASSSSSTY). Blueberry muffins? Definitely. We haven’t done Pop Tarts yet but I know it’s coming soon enough as they learn from their friends about the magical warm fruity pastry with the crusty, sugary frosting.

So yeah, if I can leave the house on time, never get stuck behind a single bus and have sent my kids to school with relatively full (albeit a little sugary) bellies, then I will declare my victory for the morning. Most of those breakfast foods are vitamin fortified and whole grain, right? And to The Commenter…not only can you bite me, you can go suck it, too!

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