kids at uconn

The kids at UCONN.

Conversations with my five year old son are fantastic. He asks all sorts of questions and recently has been fascinated by age and relationships. In particular, he’s hung up on me and his dad and himself and his sister. Who’s older, by how much, how old will we be when he is a certain age? Will he marry his sister? If not, who will he marry, and how could he not know them yet? This past weekend, my husband and I took a family trip to our alma mater, UCONN. We walked around campus sharing our memories with a most captive audience who were nothing but excited to be there with us sharing in the experience.

It was such a beautiful morning and everyone was so excited to go exploring around campus. My husband and I knew each other while at school, but we didn’t start dating until my senior year. It was cool to hear the stories he shared with our son, and to learn new things about a man who I’ve been with now for more than a decade. And of course, I LOVED getting to bring everyone to all of the places I love on campus, like the area by the museum, the academic building where my women’s studies classes took place, past the library, and our old dorms.

The campus has changed A LOT, so much in fact that you would have thought we saw the Taj Mahal the way we reacted to a fancy new Price Chopper on campus. It was cool getting to discover new things on campus right alongside our children. This gave my son a great deal of amusement, asking which things were new and which were the same. He didn’t quite get what UCONN was, evident by his repeated reference to it as a city, but he absolutely loved how much we enjoyed it.

ev and me

My now husband and I in the Fall of 2003 newly dating in Willi Oaks.

I couldn’t have imagined a better day, which was only made better by a detour to the site of our engagement on our way back home. He’s on to something, that son of ours, being intrigued by relationships and age. What an unbelievable experience to visit a place that you love, where you hold so many wonderful memories, a place that when you visit, it feels like only yesterday you walked those same paths. To get to visit now, with my husband and our children, well, that was simply amazing.

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