Today (well, by the time this post publishes, it will be YESTERDAY) is my birthday. It’s been a crazy few weeks, and I basically forgot that it was approaching. My kids have started a new school and are having a tough time transitioning to their new digs, I simultaneously started a new job which is exciting but creates logistical challenges as it relates to childcare, we’ve had an extended houseguest, and my son has been very sick (I won’t get into the illness itself, but look up “Henoch-Schonlein Purpura” and you’ll understand that this has taken every last ounce of energy and free time from us and from my son).

My husband was away this weekend running his first ever marathon, and therefore we had nothing special planned. Typical Saturday activities (swimming, ballet, birthday parties) were going to be followed today by a loosely planned trip to the Beardsley Zoo; however, my son’s illness had me and my son up from midnight until 5AM, and so I decided that it would be better for him to sleep in and stay close to home. Instead, my kids and I had a lazy Sunday kind of day starting with movies in bed, a late breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes / bacon / scrambled eggs at our local diner, a quick detour to the local police station to say hello, a trip to Stews (bonus: the Halloween “Haunted Hayride” was running today!), some ice cream, and sidewalk chalk graffiti on our driveway. By the time my husband returned from his trip, my kids had already declared that “Daddy missed all of the fun today…”

As I was tucking my kids into bed, my daughter gave me a hug and said, “Happy birthday, Mommy.”

“How did you know it was my birthday?” I was baffled because even I had forgotten it was my birthday.

“Grandma told me yesterday.”

Snuggles in bed, smiles throughout the day, and an unsolicited “Happy birthday” wish from a preschooler who somehow knew to wish me happy birthday without being prompted were my birthday gifts today. Sometimes having nothing special planned is what makes a day truly special.

Happy birthday to me!


Selfies at the diner…clearly, I need to take lessons on how to take a selfie

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