These moments are not lost on me, I am grateful for what we have. Maybe it took the last three years of job schedules and juggling acts for me to really appreciate it all.

Last night, Lo held out some new package of Oreos she bought and said “these are just awful.”

I looked at them and said aloud, “Ugh, why on Earth would you even think that they sounded worth buying? They sound disgusting” as I refused to even try one to feel her pain.

Then, we had a little “family game night” chaos in the boys’ bedroom (all 5 of us). After that, my wife and I put the kids to bed TOGETHER, watched a little World Series TOGETHER then had a friendly argument about whether or not Linda Lavin and Valerie Harper had even been in a sitcom together. (Linda Lavin did make an appearance in Rhoda, but despite Lois’ claims, I don’t think that was what she was thinking)

It was a great night TOGETHER.

Why am I making a big deal out of our seemingly boring night?

Because, before now those nights TOGETHER seemed so infrequent. And when we did have them, they seemed chaotic. I feel like we haven’t had a real, totally boring weeknight together in forever. Some of you may think we’re incredibly lame, but I’m grateful right now that we have these moments.

For almost 3 years, Lo has worked late weeknights and long weekends and we seemed to very rarely have a quiet weeknight together that just consisted of sitting down together for more than 5 minutes. In those past 3 years, Lo may have had 1 (or occasionally 2) weeknights where she was home, but those nights always seemed crammed with something – like school functions, sports or trying to have some social time with friends or family packed in because it was our only time to do it. Lo is still working at TJs, but has switched her weekday hours for now to days. I’d still love to have her not work weekends, but that’s just not in the cards. Even if she doesn’t get home some nights until 7:30, we still have some time together. It makes a big difference to have one parent trying to do baths, dinner, kitchen clean up, reading time, etc.

So, for now, I’m trying to embrace this time and not try to find things to fill our newly discovered time. Baseball is done for the season. Andrew decided not to join wrestling (a 3-night-per-week commitment) this winter. We will have gymnastics once a week, maybe unstructured batting practice here and there during the winter, nothing overly committal. We can make some plans with friends here and there, watch some of the World Series together, have more frequent “family game nights” and just play and hang together.

I’m thrilled. I’m grateful that we are here right now, able to have these moments. Even if it means trying having to try the nasty cookies once in awhile. Crazy, right?

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