When I first became a mother there was no question that I “stayed on schedule.” In a mom’s world, that means we keep consistent with naps, locations for naps and feedings. No questions about it, we stay on a schedule. For many months, even well into the first year of our daughter’s life, I followed a schedule and routine; and by no means did I ever let her sleep in our bed.

Well moms, times have changed and two and a half years into this whole mom gig, I break the rules when it comes to sleeping. There I said it, I break the rules and I don’t care!

Since the weather has been getting cooler outside and darker earlier, our bedtime routine now consists of reading books in “mommy and daddy’s crib” before going to bed. There is just something so cozy about snuggling with your child in “jammies” while cuddling in bed. Sometimes we even fall asleep together and my husband puts her in her room when he comes up to bed. Nothing beats the feeling and I am not about to change it.

I also find it to be rewarding on another level. As or recently, we not only read books in bed, but we talk about our day and the fun we had and even what upset us. Just this past week, my daughter and I were laying in bed and she told me she was sad, because she yelled at grandpa earlier that day and wanted to say she was sorry. I quickly picked up the phone and her and my father had a nice chat about manners and respect. Granted, she’s only two, but these conversations should start sooner rather than later. They are so important and I don’t know if we would have such serious conversations if I was just rushing her to bed and reading in her room. Maybe we would, maybe we wouldn’t, but I know one thing is for sure, I love breaking the rules and seeing the rewards of doing so. I guess this is what a mom’s version of breaking the rules is all about.

Do you break the rules? If so, in what ways, and doesn’t it feel good sometimes? Rock on mama’s!

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