Happy Magical Monday! Usually each week our lovely, sparkly Kate gets us going with her weekly gratitude list. I’m filling in for her and am excited to share some of what I’m grateful for. Would love for you to share something you’re grateful for in the comments section – it really does help you to have a more positive frame of mind and feel a bit happier when you’re able to focus on the good stuff.

-Had a fun Halloween with my 3-year-old. We got out well before the rain started and this was the first year she actually said “trick or treat” at each door. It was so cute! I just stood back and let her ring the doorbell and we had a great time.

-My neighbor actually bought my daughter an Ana doll (from Frozen) as a surprise Halloween treat. She was giggling with delight all night and didn’t even ask for candy because she was just so in love with her new doll! The kindness of others always floors me. It was so incredibly kind of him to think of my daughter.

-Got a manicure today because some wonderful women (ahem, you know who you are!) gave me a generous gift certificate. The massage part is THE BEST. Seriously.

-I recently found a new YouTube channel that I’m just completely in love with. It’s this guy named Prince EA and his videos really speak to me. I’m not sure why he films a lot of his videos without a shirt on, but the messages are so, so awesome. Here’s one of my fave’s (and he’s fully clothed in this one):

-I have a new boss at work and she’s fantastic. Change can be hard, especially when it involves a new boss, and I’m so grateful that she’s such a fun, positive person.

-My daughter’s sweet hugs and kisses.

-A year ago my house was broken into and my laptop with all my photos was stolen. I’m so grateful that I had put a lot of my daughter’s baby photos on Facebook so that I didn’t lose all of them permanently.


-Speaking of photos I can’t get enough of this one. I printed it out and have it hanging in my office so I can see the smiling faces of my fellow CTWM’s writers all the time. Love them all.


-Made a new asparagus soup for this week, hoping it’s good! It’s fun to try out new recipes.

-It’s colder now which means it’s the season of hoodies and jeans – LOVE that!

-I’ve been helping my older sister with some stuff and surprised her by sending her one of my favorite book series because we both love to read. It brightened her day which in turn brightened mine. That’s the most beautiful thing about giving to others – it makes YOU happier.

Sending everyone lots of love this morning. Share a piece of magic/gratitude here with me!

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