What?  Too Soon?

Too soon for most, but maybe not for this CT Working Mom.  Look- before we’re about to get all judgy up in here (which, ahem… is something that we try NOT to do), let me explain myself.  Pre-Kid, I would spend an entire weekend decorating our house for Christmas.  Usually the week of Thanksgiving, I would start to take out the Annalees, the ceramic light brite tree, and the glass ball ornaments.  Then, after Thanksgiving, that tree would find itself in the bay window, all decked out and lit to the HILT.


Decorating would be a very thought-out process- I’d spend hours on Pinterest pinning Christmasscapes, theme decorated trees, and paging through Martha Stewart’s maggies and website for simple DIY decorating ideas and Christmas crafts.  Hell, I’d even scour Anthropologie catalogs and go on recon-missions to the stores to check out their decorating ideas to replicate.  I really had this thing down to a science.  I also had time.  And no one taking down the decorations as I was putting them up!  You know that old adage about cleaning with kids? It’s like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.  Preeeeeetttty much the same as decorating with kids around!!


Which brings me to the biggest life hack for working moms everywhere-  Decorating on a day off of work while the kids are at school.  So here’s how this is breaking down- next week I have Veterans’ Day off (Tuesday).  The kids will be at school.  The husband will be at work.  And I will be blasting my Christmas playlist on my iPhone speaker while burning blue spruce scented candles in every room of the house while I play Mrs. Claus.  On Tuesday, November 11.  Hey, Hey, Hey- put down that judging finger pointed at me and my Christmas all up in here pre-Thanksgiving!!!


The weekends of November and early December are already close to filled, and I would much rather spend the un-filled time enjoying my family and getting lost at night wistfully looking at the Christmas lights around the house.  So, if you’re looking for me on Tuesday, you should probably just stop by the house.  Chances are I’ll be wrist-deep in boxes of Christmas decorations, high off of pine scented air freshener, and hopped up on Egg Nog coffee creamer.



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