IMG_9011.JPGThere is just something so magical to me about inter-generational friendship and connection.  It speaks to me about the universality of humanity.  Souls from different places in time, seek each other out, and click together as perfectly fitting puzzle pieces.

Everyone in our family loves my wife’s grandmother, Bubby.  Bubby has that magical way of sharing a unique relationship with each person she loves.  She’s really great at making you feel special. But with my middle daughter, there is something a little extra there.  She has a special smile and twinkle in her eye just for “her” Bubby – the Bubby that she has demanded to visit, at least weekly, since she was old enough to talk.  Seeing these two together…well, it’s simply kismet.

My daughter celebrated her 5th birthday on Tuesday.  As is tradition in our family, the birthday kid got to select where we would be dining that evening.  I thought for sure a trip to Chuck -E-Cheese and bad pizza were in my future.  But I should have known better with this one.  Nope, my sweet girl knew exactly how she wanted to spend her birthday: at Bubby’s house eating challah (delicious Jewish bread).

Lately, I’ve been pulling my hair out with this parenting thing.  As my children are getting older, the sibling bickering is getting out of control.  Repetition, consequences, modelling – I’m trying to implement it all but there are quite a few days of OMG WHY IS NOTHING WORKING THESE KIDS DON’T LISTEN AND WILL NEVER LEARN. Perhaps you’ve had a day or two like that?  When you want to throw your hands up in the air because clearly nothing you do is making a difference anyway? Well, hold on to whatever you can through those tough times, mama, because just when you think you can’t take any more, they will give you a glimmer of hope.

Mine came in the form of a birthday wish.

That opinionated, fiery, little girl turned down ice cream, pizza, movies, balloons, games, and goodness knows what other kid-friendly adventures that could pop into the mind of a 5-year-old, in favor of a simple evening being doted on by her great-grandmother. Partly because she really is watching and listening – and learning from us the importance of family.  And partly because when special souls are meant to find each other, they will.

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