I’m beat this week. Not sure if its the time change or the fact that my husband was away at a conference, but nonetheless, this momma needs a nap!

Thinking about the post I wrote last year on this topic, I wanted to share again these tips and some new, that have helped me relax and unwind.

What I found helpful though, was that each night I would take a nice long hot shower and would drink some of my calming tea.  I’ve noticed that if I don’t relax and unwind before bed that I do not have a good nights rest. While my body may be tired, my mind is still going and racing.

Do you ever find it hard to relax and fall asleep? If so, below are some ways in which you can increase your relaxation.

TV. Many have said watching a little TV before bed is a good thing—as long as you don’t watch anything too stimulating or stressful.

A higher power. Praying, meditation and even spiritual reflection can help promote a calm mind, body and soul.

Breathing. Take a few minutes before bed to do some deep breathing. All you need to do is be aware of your breathing and every time you breathe in, picture yourself somewhere peaceful.  For best results, try not to focus on anything other than your breathing

Power in a shower. A hot bath or shower will relax your muscles and make you less tense. It’s free, quick and well worth it.

Call the grandparents. My parents came over one night this week to help watch our daugther and allow me to catch up on cooking and cleaning – fun right?

Stretching. Before bed, try to do a few minutes of stretching, particularly at the areas that cause you tension.

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