This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Two dates with my hubby in less than a weeks time! Last Sunday we had an overnight in Northampton, MA (total awesomeness) and this weekend we had a dinner date. It’s been soooo good to connect. After 16 years together, he’s still my absolute favorite person to talk to.

* Walks in the autumn woods. We went as a family with our doggie yesterday and it was so lovely. I take my boys regularly during the week and it’s always fun, even if there is initial whining and complaining beforehand.

* Hubby’s homemade chili! We ate in our taproom last night and that always feels special.

* Naps. Even though my 3 year old is done napping, I still work one in for myself most days of the week. Yesterday my little one surprised me by joining in. It was a nice break for all of us.

* Our firepit. We haven’t used it all that often, but we used it last night and toasted marshmallows. It was really nice.

* My motivation to clean and declutter lately. I cleaned out my entire office on Friday and Saturday morning. I’d already done a total clean-out last year, but this time got rid of even more stuff that I don’t need or want anymore. There is a fresh energy in there now and I just love it.

* I’ve cleaned and decluttered the entire house, so my last challenge is the basement. I’m not looking forward to it…but I sort of am. I really have been enjoying cleaning lately! I’m thinking I’ll get this done before Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll set up a play space down there…hmmmmm….

* Getting our doggie groomed. I’m making an appointment for her this week, ’cause as cute as she is, she sure does stink!

* Pasta salad. I made one last week and have been eating every day for either lunch or breakfast.

* Bubble baths by candlelight.

* Hot tubs under the stars.

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥


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