As I’m getting older, I just love reminiscing about positive experiences from the past. This weekend I brought my daughter to the UConn children’s book fair and as you can imagine, since I’m a UConn alum, I was thrilled to be on campus. I just love going there. I loved college and I had a wonderful experience at UConn. I first identified as a feminist in my freshman women’s studies class, had my first long-term boyfriend the same year, started a chapter of the National Organization for Women on campus the following year, starting volunteering at the UConn Women’s Center and made incredible friendships that still mean a lot to me.

Seeing my daughter walk around on the same sidewalks that I use to filled my heart with joy. It’s a little trippy to be somewhere that was such a big part of your past. I mean I feel like I just graduated but in reality it’s been over 10 years. I went from graduating as a psychology and female identity formation double major (with a women’s studies minor of course) with a job right out of college doing community organizing for a social justice non-profit, to now working at an agency fighting for women’s rights, with a husband, a three-year-old and a house. My life is much different then it was back then but it wouldn’t be what it is and I wouldn’t be who I am without that UConn experience.

For one brief moment in time during my years on campus, my brother was also a student and it’s so much fun that we both share memories of the same place. I remember helping him move into his dorm room in South and then later treating him to lunch at the South dining hall using my meal points. The children’s book fair happened to be at South so I told my daughter, “this is where your Uncle Brian use to live!”

And of course I had to snap a photo of her standing outside his old dorm hall so I could text it to him.


It’s fun to visit places with special meaning and it’s even more fun to do that with your child. She doesn’t fully grasp that mommy went to college there because she doesn’t really know what that means yet but I think my excitement about the university is rubbing off on her because she proudly told me, “Mommy I LOVE UConn!”

Well, in truth, her UConn love may or may not have something to do with the fact that we made a trip to the Dairy Bar. Y.U.M.



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