I’m a mom to a 2 ½ year old and if we have more children, I can honestly tell you I will do things differently. I’ve learned such much in the past two years and I when she was a baby, it was me that was freaking out about the smallest things. Next time around, I will be more flexible and less willing to not freak out as much.

Here is my list, what have you done differently with your second? Any first time moms out there who if they have a second, would change your “mom habits?”

– Let them cry and not freak out when they do. Anytime M cried, I would run to her and console her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in letting your baby cry for an hour, but she can fuss through her emotions for a few minutes, it won’t hurt her.

– Who cares if she drinks more milk. Ha. This is a good one, I remember telling my father, “Only give her 6 ounces, not a drop more!” I did this, because I was so scared to go off track and get her off a schedule. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Feed them until they don’t want anymore.

– Bedtime snuggles. I’ve wrote about this a few weeks ago. When M was a baby she never laid in our bed, because I thought she would get dependent on that. Well, I missed out on those snuggles and I can’t get them back. Next time around, he/she can sleep (sometimes) with us.

– Be more vocal with my child’s needs. Sometimes I could have stood up more for them to her doctor and to our family and friends. She comes first.

– Try and relax. Next time around, I am going to relax during naps and let the laundry pile up.

– Babysitters! I like using them and next time around, I will enlist the help of a babysitter earlier in the game, not one year in.

– Enjoy the journey just a little bit more. It makes me happy and these are such precious years to share with my little one.

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