Motherhood is some days not having enough energy to put on real pants, and other days finding time to make homemade baby food, take a walk to the park, play at the library, unload and load the dishwasher, do three loads of laundry, and manage to fit in three meals and two naps.

Motherhood is feeling lonely in the house because your baby is asleep, so you sneak into their room and wake them up a little so you can get one last snuggle in for the night.

Motherhood is ignoring stares from passing cars because you’re getting your baby to laugh big belly laughs with your amazing car dancing.

Motherhood is accepting open-mouth kisses from your sick baby even though snot is pouring out of his nose.

Motherhood is not minding too much when your child reaches into your ice cream bowl and grabs the cherry you’ve been saving for last and eats it.

Motherhood is spending three hours getting your kid to fall asleep, then risking it all because you can’t resist one last kiss on that pudgy, sleepy cheek on your shoulder.

This is motherhood.

Photo credit Gena Golas

Photo credit Gena Golas

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