There ‘s lots of things I’m not loving right now.  The cold weather, the overabundance of work I have, the ISIS situation.  I could go on, but it’s all making me feel a little Negative Nancy (apologies to those actually named Nancy).  In an effort to combat the pessimism I started thinking about all the things that I’m loving right now and decided to share them with you, just in case you too have a Negative Nancy in your house right now.

I’m loving:

This book.  The development of the story at first irked me, but now I really like it.  Chris Bohjalian is one of my favorite authors and this one so far, itsn’t disappointing.

This dress.  I saw it online and knew I had to have it.  Like a teenager I asked for money for the dress for my birthday and combined it with the 15% off birthday coupon for Anthro members and the recent 25% off dresses sale.  Total out of pocket cost for me, $26. That’s over $100 off the original price for all you keeping score at home.  I’m wearing it right now.

This necklace.  I’ve had it for years and every time I wear it I get compliments.  People want to look at it and learn about the significance of all the charms.  My charms represent my kids, my marriage, and my favorite place on earth.  Christmas is coming so if you’re looking for something special to add to your list, this might be the thing you need.

Speaking of Christmas, I need to be honest and say that I’m loving the return of the red cups at Starbucks.  The way-too-early arrival of all things Christmas makes me cranky because it means people are stepping on Thanksgiving (my fave holiday EVAH!) but something about the red cups puts me in a good mood.  Especially if there’s a peppermint mocha hiding in that cup.

Also Christmas related.  As much as I hate the early onslaught of the holiday season, I hate to do Christmas shopping late.  I realized the other day that I have about 75% of it done.  Sweet.  It’s all hanging out in the Amazon cart waiting to be purchased and shipped.  I have a great method to my Christmas shopping that I can share with you next week.  I’ve done it this way for 3 years and it works like a charm.

If you haven’t heard of the Skinnytaste website you really should hop over there now and check it out.  Some of my family’s favorite recipes are from the site.  Including this one.  There is some advanced prep work that’s needed but all day in the crock pot and you’ve got an amazing dinner.  The kid loves it too.

I saved the best for last.  I’m loving this post.  Especially given the fact that I’m on MONTH TWO of being without a dishwasher so my kitchen counters have looked like this since late September.

photo (6)

Don’t be fooled. The dishwasher underneath that pile is as broken as can be.


What are you loving right now?  I’d love some inspiration.

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