I have some thoughts running around in my head.  Here, take a listen:

  • “We’ll see.”  This is my most valuable tool in my parenting tool kit.  I use it for everything. My daughter is a never-ending stream of asking. Can we go to Build-a-Bear Workshop?  Can I play with my easy bake cake pop maker, my Snoopy snow cone machine, my shrinky-dink oven (all things that are a pain in the parent’s butt)? Can we do crafts? Can you do my hair like the (super complicated) pictures in the Braid Book? Can I eat the rest of my Halloween candy before supper tonight? “We’ll see.” And I’ve just bought myself some time.
  • I don’t understand 6-year olds. They make no sense. Their brains and their mouths don’t work at the same speed. My daughter tells the funniest stories. They are funny because they don’t make sense. I’ll chalk it up to imagination.
  • “Dear Santa…” Christmas lists. So far, we have 3 of them. I’m trying to make this season about the experience and the memories, but even the Grinch himself would cave when my adorable child hands over a 3 page wish list (with illustrations). I did suggest a few edits to her list. You know, like saying something nice about Santa as an opener or maybe letting him know what a good girl she’s been all year, not just “I want a new DS.”
  • Dog smell. Yes. Dog smell. It’s everywhere since we got a dog a month ago. I barely have time to put my human dependent in the shower let alone bathe the four-legged one. At least as a last resort with Zoey, I can throw her in with me-the old two birds with one stone routine. That ain’t happenin’ with a pooch. So, you know, dog smell.
  • It’s Wednesday and I still haven’t hit the grocery store. Anyone have any ideas what I can make with a can of chickpeas, some syrup and a banana?
  • There’s no toilet in my bathroom. And 27 people are coming for Thanksgiving. The new one is in the box, waiting for the expert installation team to work their magic. Oh wait, that “expert team” is my husband and me. And we’re all out of magic…Ruh roh.
  • OMFG the f*%king elf is coming back soon, isn’t he?
I should probably find some better ideas... Photo: somewhere on the internet...
I should probably find some better ideas…
Photo: somewhere on the internet…

There is so much going on with all of us that I feel like I want to quit. Just throw in the towel. Add that to how much there is left to do in the coming weeks, I’m about to run away.  But I don’t. I just keep moving forward and keep up the positive attitude. I am a ray of freakin’ sunshine. Because I know that there is a purpose to what I’m doing. I am a parent. I am the light of someone’s eye. And someday, I will breathe.

This girl.  Right here.  She loves me.   Photo: K. Stevenson

This girl. Right here. She loves me.
Photo: K. Stevenson


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