Ugh. I got the stomach bug this week. My son woke up at 3:30 Monday morning having thrown up in his bed, which he immediately followed by throwing up in the toilet. I cleaned him up and his bed, and got him back to sleep. Unfortunately, his sickness proceeded throughout the morning, culminating in four more wake-ups before 7. He made it to the bathroom each time, so that was was a plus.

On his third trip, around 5am, I began to feel sick, but questioned if it was just the lack of sleep or being grossed out by his vomit. Nope. I was sick, and at 6:30 I threw up, which continued throughout the morning and was made worse by aches and pains that followed and lasted throughout the evening. It hurt to move. I can’t remember being that sick, but I’m sure I have and just blocked it.

So my son and I ended up having a sick day, and although painful, he ended up being the best person to be sick with ever. He was so kind. We both just laid all day, each on a couch. We couldn’t eat, but sipped water and juice. We took turns watching shows, while each other took naps. He didn’t complain at all.

My husband was also so amazing. He took care of Edith, who ended up getting sick at childcare and needed to be picked up early. He then proceeded to take care of all of us when he got home. It was so weird not being able to help at all, but I was so appreciative that my husband took it all on and let me rest.

My son was better and able to go back to school the next day, but my aches and fever persisted. So sick day number 2 was spent with my daughter. My husband is chugging emergen-c and eating tons of fruit in the hopes that he’ll avoid our plague. Fingers crossed. Being sick stinks, as a kid and as an adult!


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