That’s a funny question for someone in her late 30s with the name Cora.  Growing up all the Coras I met were in their 90s, with the exception of 2nd grade when there was another Cora in my class (!) and grad school when I met another Cora in a class I took.  The name seems to be catching on though.  When my BFF’s sister had a baby two years ago she had 3 Coras in her mommy meet-up group!  According to a poll on Babycenter, Cora has cracked the top 100 for popular baby names this year, just making the cut at #92.  Interestingly there is also a rise in the names Kora and Quorra.  To each their own I suppose.

The release of the 2014 baby name lists got me thinking about names in general.  How did you decide on names for your kids?  With us it was very difficult to name both our children.  Boys names were easy for us, we wanted to name a son after my father and both my grandfathers, Charles.  Another favorite boy’s name for us was Miles.  I loved Jack Henry, Elliott, and Oliver but Honey hated all those choices.  For girls we knew we wanted something feminine, not overly popular, that could be easily nicknamed (Honey and I don’t have nick-nameable names and it irked both of us growing up), and would last through the life span.  Francis is a fine name for an adult, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue when referring to an infant.

For baby girl #1 we wanted her to have the same initials as Honey, as I have the same initials as my father.  S girl names are harder than you think!  Sarah seems like a natural pick, but we know so many Sarahs.  Sabrina and Samantha got vetoed too.  We liked Seraphina, but in the end it didn’t make the cut.  Our daughter’s name is an iteration of a more common S name that we didn’t like.  We changed the spelling and the pronunciation to get a name we loved.  Hindsight is 20/20 here: everyone calls her the more common name, assuming we just spelled it differently!  Even so, I love her name and it fits her perfectly. Funny story: when we finally settled on the name I googled it.  Big mistake.  She is a big time internet porn star.  Although I’m pretty confident no one would after ask if she was named after her! (which she wasn’t)  

Baby girl #2.  With an uncommon name for your first child you have to follow suit with the second.  This time around we were stumped and had to go to the baby name books.  We knew her middle name would be after Honey’s mom who passed away when Lovey was an infant.  We realized we like L names so narrowed our search to those pages.  We also knew we liked the sound of names ending in A.  We spent one afternoon reading all the L pages out loud and trying to get Lovey to say them.  Lena was a strong contender for a while (no nickname though) as was Lianna (it sounded terrible with Honey’s mom’s name).  The name we settled on isn’t common but the nickname we use is extremely common.

In the end I love both my girls names and think that they fit both of them perfectly.  I do wish that more people got Lovey’s name right on the first try, but I guess that’s what comes with having an uncommon name.  Hopefully both of them will love their names too.

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