In just a few short weeks it will be the New Year and with that comes resolutions. Last year, I vowed to be a more patient person, but I don’t think that turned out so well. I wish I tried harder, but with being super busy with moving and renovating a house, I think I would give myself a grade of a B. In 2015, I hope to become even more patient, but just saying that one “hopes” to become more patient, isn’t enough. I believe New Year’s resolutions should come with a well thought out plan with deliverables and goals. That being said, below are some goals to achieving a better level of patience:

– Accepting you’re not superwoman. I need to understand I can’t do it all and accept it. There are only so many hours in the day, I am not a robot

– Giving yourself a timeout. When I need a break, even just for a few minutes, it’s OK. I am going to head upstairs, do a little yoga and recharge.

– Learn to breath. I hold everything inside my chest and when I let it out, its LOUD. Need to realize that during some frustrating times, I need to breath.

– Accepting things for what they are. OK, I am a neat freak. I don’t like a mess or clutter, but sometimes it’s out of my control. Should I spend my life cleaning or enjoying everything it brings me?

– Focusing on what’s important. Again, a clean house, neat yard, and decorated room is nice, but is it really important? Or is spending time with family more important? I vote for the second.

– Appreciating what you have. We are a happy, healthy family. I have a wonderful little girl and great family and friends. That’s all that matters.

What is your New Year’s resolution and how are you going about to ensuring that you stick to it?

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