I have a struggle with food. Sugar addiction, compulsive overeating, yep, hi, that’s me. If you too have a struggle with food maybe the title of my post grabbed you. It’s so true isn’t it? The holidays are a hard time for most people because of the abundance of delicious meals and treats but I think it’s especially hard for those of us with eating disorders.

For me, the holiday parties, the office parties and even family get togethers prove to be a challenge because I worry about giving into cravings and temptations. I practice abstinence from sugar and foods that trigger overeating and quite frankly the holidays remind of how much it really sucks that I can’t eat like everyone else. It’s tough to be sitting with co-workers, friends or family and feel like everyone else gets to eat a piece of pie or that yummy looking cookie but I can’t. But I also know that if I do give in it will lead me down a path of overeating and I’ve done that about 23423408 times in my life.

You might be thinking, “Michelle it’s OK to just have a little treat” but it really, really isn’t for me. That’s part of my disorder & sugar addiction. One treat and it’s basically guaranteed that I will go down a not so good path with food. That’s why it really IS a disorder. This isn’t about willpower, trust me. I have loads of willpower in my life.

This topic has just been on my mind lately and I wanted to let anyone else that has a similar struggle know that you aren’t alone. The holidays ARE triggering – and not just because of the over abundance of food but because holidays can bring up a lot of difficult family stuff and for many, turning to food is the way to cope with anxiety, tension and stress.

If you’re struggling with food I hope you’ll think of me – hand held out to yours – and take comfort knowing that you are not alone in this. Be gentle with yourself my friends. Everything will be alright.


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