When I first started writing for the blog I wrote a post that stated when you know you are a mom and wanted to continue with this and I have over the last few years realized how much my life has changed for good, bad and just plain different.

You know you are a parent when:

1. You can no longer run, walk brisk or exercise (not like I am doing to much of it anyway) without pissing yourself.

2. You tell your partner you can have sex but don’t be concerned if you fall asleep in the middle of it.

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

3. You pass out before New Years Eve and not because of a drunken escapade, rather you are just lame and tired.

4. You realize you can never purchase anything nice without recognizing it will eventually have piss, puke or some bodily fluid on it.

5. You realize now why your parents were so freaking stressed all the time.

7. You think you may be able to loan your toddler to the CIA, or FBI to use on enemies for torture. Listening to my child ask 6 million times why in between random tantrums would break the most notorious criminals.

8. I can’t complain about my husbands beard because he never complains about the lack of personal upkeep (Can we say 70’s bush).

Grow that beard as long as you want hun!

Grow that beard as long as you want hun!

9. You must save a majority of your vacation time for all the random crazy diseases and plagues your child will contract. (Who ever heard of Hoof, foot and Mouth disease? I thought it was an old medieval disease that no longer excited……)

10. You totally realize that all the craziness and all the madness is totally worth it and you would never change it for anything.

Come on...they are worth peeing yourself anyday!

Come on…they are worth peeing yourself any day!

Have any new “So you know you are a parent when…” for me ladies. COME ON SHARE THEM. We can all use a good laugh.

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