BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Oh my God. What day is it? Where am I?

It’s Monday. Everyone in my house is sleeping. It’s dark and cold out there. It’s 4:45am and I have a date with the gym.

imageAsk anyone who knows me and they would tell you that I’m not a morning person. But this is starting to change. A relatively recent job shift has required me to rise before the sun; while a nagging desire to get healthier has left me with no choice but to get my fitness in before my shower for work. I feel like I’m out of the house for long hours during the day and want to capitalize on as much time with my daughter as I can, so I’ve been trying to steer away from going to the gym after work.

Struggling to get motivated and finding the time to work out are not unique problems. And I constantly search for inspiration and solutions to these problems. One of my sources of inspiration has been this very fit mama that makes no excuses: Sistas of Strength. And after reading something she wrote about early morning workouts, this was exactly when I decided to make the 5:00am workout, like, a thing. This may not be a revolutionary idea for you early risers, but this was definitely an earth-shattering concept for me. Getting up at that hour would most likely cut into my eating-Zebra-Cakes at bedtime routine.

I mean, how in the world would I be able to get myself in gear and get motivated? I already had the gym membership. Ok, one excuse eliminated. Damn. My road-race-prep-occasional-weekend-running-buddy signed up at the same gym and informed me that she is in fact a morning person. GAH! Then I “splurged” on four sessions with a personal trainer / former Marine / living nightmare to help me kick-start my journey toward my fitness goal. Meeting with him became my Monday morning pre-work routine. Right, as if Monday mornings didn’t suck enough.

But I needed to remember how good it is for me to set a goal, push myself, test limits. Having this support system in place and allowing myself — scratch that — forcing myself to make some changes has had all sorts of positive results: feeling better physically, less sluggish getting ready for work, more positivity mentally, yada, yada, yada. Make no mistake, it’s a work in progress, and I continue to search out inspiration wherever I can.

Does anyone else have a fitness goal? How are you making it happen?

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