As of November 24, 2014, my youngest child turned 4 and there were officially no more 3 year olds left in my house, nor are there likely to be any ever again.

My wife and I are d-o-n-e parenting 3 year olds.

This is a big deal considering we’ve survived three 3 year olds in less than 5 years and we all know that is NOT my favorite age.

I know this post is a bit belated seeing as though my daughter’s birthday was more than a month ago, but I swear I spent the first couple weeks in pure disbelief.

We made it? Seriously??

Then there was that one time when all three children dressed themselves without complaint and we solved a sibling squabble later in the day calmly and without any meltdowns. I was so overly happy, you would have thought I was medicated.

OMG! Rationality and logic have returned to my life!

Mostly, though, I’m looking at this as a great accomplishment.  We’ve reached many parenting milestones through the years and this no-more-three-year-olds business seems particularly poignant. We’ve turned a corner in our parenting journey. No more babies. We have kids now, and they happen to be pretty fantastic ones at that.

A whole new world awaits!

Cheers to that!



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