Can I get a do-over? This morning was just plain awful. I got up late and was in slow motion. You got up late and just wanted to cuddle and play with your stuffed animals. Who can blame you after you had a bonus day off yesterday due to the non-snow snow day?

But as usual, Mom tried to do it all and get us both ready in “5 seconds or less” and we both know how well that usually works. I ended up yelling, you ended up crying and we both ran down the driveway to catch the bus. Your bus driver must think we’re insane. It was such a frenzy that I don’t remember what you wore to school today.

Ah happier times. Photo: K. Stevenson

Ah happier times.
Photo: K. Stevenson

Here’s how I would do it over if I could:

I would wake up early and take care of my crap first before you’re even awake. Ok–that starts way before morning by going to bed earlier! Once I was ready, I’d wake you up and snuggle for a while, just like you always ask me to.

I would set out an outfit the night before that you’ll actually wear as opposed to the one I pick out that you HATE every morning. Since we’re hopping in the old time machine, I might as well back it up a year or so to when you actually wanted to get ready all by yourself-and this time, I’d let you. Seriously kid, you’re six. Get your damn self dressed.

I’d make you a hot breakfast. Or any breakfast actually. Do cheese sticks count as breakfast? Let’s go with yes. I’d make you a healthy lunch too-something other than peanut butter and jelly. (Yes, I know you like peanut butter and jelly but sometimes you just have to try something new!) We’d follow that up with a scream-free toothbrush/hairbrush combo. You’d even have time to pee before we meet the bus.

When the time came, I’d warm up the car and we’d sit in it all toasty waiting for the bus to arrive. I’d send you off with a big kiss and lots of “I love you”s. (Well, the “I love you”s happen anyway but I’d rather not have to scream them at you as the bus is driving away!) You’d have your hat and gloves on and your coat zipped.

But let’s be honest. There are no do-overs. And we both know I’m not that mom. I’ll never have my shit together enough to NOT be rushing around in the morning. So instead, know that I’m doing my best with what I’ve got. Just because our mornings are a hot mess doesn’t mean I love you any less.  Seriously though, I’ll buy you a pony if you put on your own shoes.

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