Our ctworkingmoms.com founder, Michelle, has started offering us monthly writing prompts. Facing a minor writing block and lack of time, I decided to take a look, but the prompt was far from simple; “what was a defining moment for you in motherhood so far.” Wow. My thoughts began to race. Various moments and milestones passed through my head, but I kept coming back to just one, ‘the double carry’.

One night, not too long ago, I asked the kids if they’d like a double carry upstairs. Having never been asked that before, they didn’t know what I was talking about. I explained that I would carry them both up the stairs at the same time to brush teeth, get in pajamas, and read a book before bed. I had them both stand on the couch and then with one arm I lifted by daughter and with the other, I lifted my son. I then proceeded to lug them, one five year old boy and one two year old girl, upstairs, giggling and laughing the entire way.

I don’t know for sure what it is about that moment that seems so defining. Was is strenuous? Yes. Was it ridiculous? Yes. Was it a ton of fun? Yes. But most importantly, in that moment, I held both of my children in my arms. I suppose, in a way, to me, that moment defines what motherhood is all about. I will always carry them with me.

Realistically, no matter how many ‘Jillian Michaels’ videos I do, I’m not going to be able to carry both of my children up the stairs forever, but I will always carry them with me. Odd that the ‘double carry’ is my defining moment. Love the prompt and love this forum. Have a fabulous week!

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