Last year I started a new Valentine’s Day tradition with my daughter. I was inspired by one of our writers (I think Elise) who did something similar for her child’s birthday.

Each day leading up to V-Day, starting on Feb. 1st, I would add a heart to my daughters bedroom door at night while she was sleeping. Each heart reflected something I love about her, ranging from things like “I love that you like animals” to “I love how kind you are.” It felt like a great way to reinforce positive attributes and each morning my daughter was excited to see what the next heart said!

I kept things simple and cut out big hearts using construction paper. I then decorated many of the hearts with different stickers or crafty things to add a little pizzazz to the activity and I really enjoyed thinking about all the things I cherish about her. On the last day of the activity, Valentine’s Day, I stuck some fun surprises on her door like chocolate hearts and it really was a blast!


We both enjoyed it so much that I plan to make this an annual tradition. This year I’m hoping to get it together before Feb 1st and cut out all the hearts ahead of time so that I’m not racing at 8 p.m. every night (ahem, like last time…).

This activity is really so easy and is a great way to make your kids feel special and loved. My girl loved it so much that those 14 hearts are STILL on her door almost a year later. Enjoy!

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