Before I had my daughter my free time was dedicated to whatever I wanted to do. I didn’t have to run to the grocery store or to target to buy diapers and wipes. I had a blank slate of free time and chose to do whatever I wanted and I loved it. Since having a baby, while those times have not necessarily changed, they have been altered.

Last weekend, my husband got our daughter ready for bed while I went on a much-needed shopping trip to my “homes away from home”, also known as Marshalls Home Goods! I was gone for well over three hours when my husband called to make sure I was ok. I said to him that everything is fine; I’m shopping, having fun and enjoying your debit card!

I have to say it felt so good to get out of the house, to have a break from it all and just relax while shopping. It’s these moments that I miss, where I feel like I could start the car and go anywhere I wanted, at any time of the day. Shopping for me isn’t just about buying clothes, it’s about the adventure of what you may or may not find, especially at the Goodwill, where anything you purchase there has a history behind it.

While driving on my way home I felt energized and appreciative I had my “time out.” It was just these simple few hours that changed my attitude. I came home in a good mood and actually had a lot of energy. As a result, I stayed up late to watch a movie with the hubby and even made some homemade popcorn!

As working moms, we need time to ourselves. I don’t care how busy our lives are, we need to stop making excuses and take time to enjoy things that make us happy during our own “time out.”

To all the mothers out there, when you need a break, where do you go? What do you do to release your stress?

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