My husband and I have been together more than half of our lives. We met when I was 15 years old. We married 12 years later. We’ve moved across the country together. We have two beautiful children. I am so happy to have found him, but I’ve always felt that I don’t believe in soul mates. What are the chances that mine was born two towns over from me and that we were destined to be together? He is an awesome husband and an amazingly caring father, but I hope that there are lots of guys out there like that. I know I’m lucky to have found the one for me.

A few years ago I went through yoga teacher training and was lead through a death meditation. Long story short, imagine you have 24 hours left to live and contemplate how you’d spend that time. Who would you want to be with? What regrets would you have? How would you be sure those around you know they are loved? Then journal it. It’s a pretty moving experience. I was already a mom, but only had one daughter at the time. All I could think about was getting to her. I had to be with her, cuddled under the covers, never letting her go for those 24 hours. We would just fall asleep and I’d go like that, in the embrace of my true love. She is of my body, of my soul, of me. She is my soul mate.

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Now that I have children, I believe we do have soul mates. These babies were made of us, for us. No one else is more me than these two amazing daughters. They are made of pure love. They are innocent little beings capable of true love from the earliest moments of their lives. I can see our lives unfolding for years and years and know that they will always be mine in some way. They are the only people on this earth who can love me unconditionally. And the most important thing for me to do as a mother is to be sure they know that they are loved completely and totally. My soul mates. My babies.

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