This past week marked several new experiences for me.  We took our first real family vacation, complete with the first airplane ride for my two boys.  This was also the first time for me in bathing suit weather since baby number 2.  As I was trying on my cute, tiny bikinis I realized there was no way I was ready to rock a two-piece.  So I ordered a big, safe, mom-friendly one piece.   To my horror, the mom-suit did not arrive in time, so I threw a few bikinis and a cover-up in my suitcase.  Very quickly it became clear to me that this “vacation” was different from all previous vacations.  Travelling with a three-year old and a one-year old was, um, challenging to say the least.  This vacation was not going to be spent lounging around the pool with a frozen drink and a book.  This vacation was spent chasing the boys around, dealing with an ear infection, crankiness, sleeplessness, keeping both boys entertained, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, it was (for the most part) a wonderful vacation.  

But there was still the bathing suit issue. 

I donned one of my little bikinis and a cover up that first day and went to the pool with the boys.  As I was sitting there watching my three-year old have the time of his life, I came to a realization.  This vacation was about the kids.  It was about our family being together and having new experiences.  It wasn’t about my stupid body-image issues.  So, I peeled off my cover-up and got in the pool.  I swam with my three-year old and pushed the baby around the pool in his stroller – all with my linea nigra still visible, pasty white Connecticut-girl skin glowing, and no thigh gap anywhere in sight.  And…I had a BLAST

So, this is me: I am in my (gulp) late thirties, a mother of two awesome boys, I work-out on a (somewhat) regular basis, and eat (relatively) healthy.  And I’m ok happy with me.

Embracing it!

Embracing it!


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