We all love a good deal.  I will, if I have the time, shop around for a good deal.  Not as much now that I’m shopping with two children in tow, but I do what I can, when I can!  And today, man. I struck the JACKPOT!  It was a savings “life hack,” to use the parlance of our time.  I’m not really sure it would have been classified as a “life hack” in a world without Pinterest, but I found a great deal, and I’m here to talk about it!

My kiddos love goldfish crackers.  During the holidays, I love stocking up on lunch packs of holiday goldfish crackers.  They pass them out to their friends, and I love putting them in their lunches.  A little bit of fun in the middle of the day, because who doesn’t love holiday touches!?  The weekend after a holiday I head myself over to the stores to pick up these holiday-themed snacks for half off!! HALF OFF!  Did I mention how much I love a good deal?  The snacks are just as good as they were on Valentine’s Day, except it’s a few days after the holiday, and they are fifty percent off.  Hot Damn.  I scan the aisle for other themed treats to throw in the lunches, like fruit snacks or graham cracker treats.  I buy in bulk, and have snacks to last until the next holiday rolls around! (Need I remind anyone that all stores are fully stocked with Cadbury Crème Eggs? In February?)

Moms- Grocery stores, discount stores, and drug stores are a gold mine for these treats.  Buy your seasonal items now, and revel in your savings as you pack lunches tomorrow.  And so what if you throw in a bag of Dove Chocolate Hearts.  At fifty percent off retail? You go get that deal.

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