As if Lenny turning one last month wasn’t enough of a reminder, we have hit some milestones lately that have shown us just how much our little baby is turning into a little boy.

Most notably, Lenny started in a new room at daycare this morning. He is no longer an “Infant”; he is now a “Waddler.” With his new group of friends, he’s expected to eat solid foods instead of taking a bottle; he takes one long mid-day nap instead of a morning and an afternoon nap; he plays in the gym instead of crawling around his classroom. These are all things he’s been doing on his own at home for a while now, but now the other kids in his classroom are doing them too. We will miss his teachers and friends in the Infant room, but I’m so excited to see how he’ll grow and develop with daily arts and crafts, visits from The Music Lady, group snack time in real mini tables and chairs instead of high chairs, and interaction with kids who are already talking. Okay yes, I’m excited, but can we also slow time down just a teeny little bit?

To help Lenny keep up with his new classmates, we recently bought him new sneakers and new “dress” shoes. He’s owned shoes before but, just like his socks, they always ended up off of his feet and discarded on the floor. Up until now, with the negative wind chills and pervasive snow, we never really pushed the issue of keeping shoes on his feet. He only just recently started walking full-time, and with warmer weather last year shoes just didn’t seem essential. Now, when he wears his sneakers he looks like a little kid instead of a little baby. It’s adorable.

Then, to bring Lenny to daycare this morning, we put him in his new big-boy convertible car seat. Gone is the seat where the carrier detaches from the base. He is now in the seat he will use well into his pre-school years, when he is forward facing and can climb in by himself and clip himself in.

These moments are bitter sweet. I’ve said all along I couldn’t wait until he got older to see his personality develop, and to have movie nights together, and to interactively play with his toys together. But…I can wait just a little bit longer, right? My baby is growing up!

"Oh look, mom, I found my sneakers in here!" Photo credit Gena Golas

“Oh look, mom, I found my sneakers in here!”
Photo credit Gena Golas

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