Hello there lovely readers! Just wanted to give you a heads up about 2 upcoming changes to the site. First, starting next week we’ll be moving to 3 posts a day instead of 5. The site is now 3.5 years old and all of our writers (several of whom have been with us since the beginning) have been writing once a week. Now these wonderful mamas will be writing every other week which lets us focus more on quality vs. quantity. So even though we’ll have less posts each day, you’ll get the absolute best pieces from us! And we’ve even got a few new writers joining our team so you’ll get to know even more of us!

The other change is something we are going to experiment with for the month of March and then reevaluate how it’s working. If you’ve ever left a comment on one of our pieces (we LOVE when you comment!!) you might have noticed that sometimes there’s a weird delay. Like, you write out your comment and click submit and then the screen takes 5-10 seconds to load. Annoying to say the least! We’re going to try out a different commenting platform called Disqus that we’re going to install over this coming weekend.

We figured we’ll give it a few weeks and see how we, and you, like the commenting system. Hopefully it’s easier and more engaging. (Because we really do love your comments and we read every single one of them). If we don’t like it we’ll just go back to what we have now. No biggie.

Oh and that reminds me. We’re also going to play around with making our social media more interactive. Asking you questions and just engaging you more. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook & Twitter.

That’s it! Just wanted you to have a heads up in case you noticed any of these changes. We’re *always* thinking about you, our amazing, loyal readers, wanting your experience on the site to be the best possible. Thanks for reading our stuff, coming back time and time again and for making our community the loving, compassionate, non-judgmental place it is. ♥

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