I always welcome daylight savings time with open arms. Winter has never been my favorite season, so the point in which we turn clocks ahead and gain some extra sunlight is always the marker of so many great times to come. My family and I absolutely relish being outside. We occupy our time with baseball practices, games, track meets, road trips, fishing, long walks, bike rides and so much more. Needless to say it is a turning point. But this years time change also marks a big change in our lives.

Springing forward this past Sunday was a move towards our life as a family changing and it is truly bittersweet. Our soon to be 18-year-old son Nate is a senior in high school. He is the middle child, so it’s definitely not our first rodeo. That being said, it doesn’t make it any easier the second time around.  We started this week by securing a venue for his graduation party. All of Nate’s college applications have been completed, we have received one letter of acceptance and there are four more we are waiting on. Every day is filled with discussions of college, future plans, and all that has to happen in the mean time.

He has always been a busy child which requires us stay on our toes. I can clearly recall telling Nate to feel free to apply to the University of Zimbabwe. If he wanted to be far away, then far he shall go. Of course you secretly hope they won’t go that far, but even Massachusetts feels like light years away, never mind Alaska (which he applied to and has been accepted into). I am proud of his accomplishments, of course. We are supposed to give our children wings so they can fly. I just don’t understand why or how it happened so quickly. I literally blinked my eyes and Nate grew up.

The little boy who once loved Teletubbies, fishing with Daddy and lazy beach days is now running home to check the mail for college acceptance letters. Nate is far from the mushy type. He is strong, determined, motivated, fearless and independent. I truly admire these qualities in him. Yet, I still see him as my little wild child who loved to play outside, riding his bike at full speed, enjoyed building/inventing things, and was always on the hunt for a  new adventure. But I guess that’s where we all are right now. Embarking on this new adventure, this journey towards adulthood, and the next chapter of our families story. It makes me nervous, stressed, scared, and anxious, but most of all it makes me proud! In the next 5 months I plan on holding on just a little bit tighter, making each moment last a little bit longer, and taking time to just enjoy him. We shall spring forward in each of our individual lives separately, yet always together.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” -Hermann Hesse

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