I’ve posted before on here about how I’m a much better mom to my children as they gain a little more independence than I was when there were babies. So, now that my daughter is heading on 3 (April) and officially potty trained, let the good times roll. She’s always been a hoot, but recently my daughter has become an unbelievably fun side kick. And, the best part is, she likes being my sidekick!

At the grocery store, she doesn’t just want to sit in the cart. She wants to pick out the fruit and put the items up on the checkout. When it’s time for dinner, she doesn’t just want to eat. She wants to set the table and help serve the plates. In the mornings, she likes picking out her clothes with me. And in the evening, she enthusiastically goes upstairs absolutely excited over our evening rituals.

She loves touching my hair and kissing my face. She loves giving me big hugs and singing songs together in the car. She’s so kind. Don’t get me wrong, she can be extremely strong-willed (which is such a good thing) and sometimes challenging. But, when she gets into trouble, she cries because she hates to disappoint me.

The other day I caught her looking at me and I asked, “what are you thinking, Edith?” She looked at me and said, “mommy, you are beautiful.” It’s pretty amazing getting to see myself through my daughters eyes. I can’t believe how fortunate I am that I get to share my life with her. I always wanted a daughter. I’m just so glad I got my daughter.

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