Last month, my husband and I finally planned a date night, for the first time since Lenny was born.  The big plan was to have Lenny stay overnight at Grandma and Grandpa’s for the first time ever, and we were going to go out for dinner and actually get a good night’s sleep. It was simple enough, and we were counting on it to work.


The day of, my husband and I were texting all day about our dinner plans. What kind of food did we feel like? Should we try a new place or one of our old favorites? It was exciting to make plans knowing we could do whatever we wanted and not feel obligated to be home at a certain time, and knowing that we could stay out without the possibility of a baby waking up during the night looming over our heads.


And then, I got the call from day care. Lenny woke up from his nap with pink eye and needed to be picked up immediately. I felt deflated. I was sad for Lenny but mostly sad for us. We really needed this date night, and now it was being postponed.


The weeks leading up to our planned date night had been particularly difficult. Needless to say, it’s been a rough winter. We’ve battled practically every sickness in the book, bedtimes had been particularly challenging and our nighttimes were tough and often sleepless. The parenting was taxing enough, and it was starting to take its toll with my husband and me. We hardly had any time together, especially when one of us was usually snuggling a sick or sleepless baby all night. We needed a night to ourselves to reconnect and recharge.


So, we rescheduled our date night for the next week. Thankfully no illnesses occurred the day of, so we were home free! Lenny went with his grandparents, and Len and I headed out to dinner. I wore a real shirt that wasn’t covered in boogers. I carried a purse that didn’t double as a diaper bag. I wore a NECKLACE. We had a delicious dinner at a new restaurant, contemplated finding ice cream for dessert somewhere, but came home instead to bake cookies and then fall asleep on the couch watching a movie. Our date night was simple and low key but it felt indulgent and it was exactly what we needed.


It took me a long time to feel ready to be away from Lenny for a night. Once we did it, though, I realized that it was good for all of us. Lenny needs to learn to be comfortable away from home, and my husband and I need time alone with each other to remind us what a good team we are together. We need to plan another date night soon—I have more necklaces and booger-free shirts to wear!

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