Hi all!  I’m back for another edition of blogger style.  Recently the ladies were talking about style and I dug up my style questionnaire for them.  Christa bit and filled it out.  The funny thing about this is that I have always thought that Christa had a clearly defined personal style.  If I can picture what someone would wear or be attracted to fashion wise, then I think their style is clearly defined.  Also, if you go to Christa’s pinterest style boards you see a pretty consistent pattern.

Christa’s all about basic, neutral pieces, that are timeless-not too trendy, effortless, and a little bit edgy.  She might throw in a color or texture now and again for fun.  Christa is a mom to a threenager and a student working on her degree in nursing.  She is the (future) lactation consultant I would have wanted when I was struggling to figure out how to breastfeed my un-breastfeedable kid.  Christa wants her style to look like she put some thought into it, but just not too much thought for the preschool pick up line.  And she wants to be able to build her wardrobe with the classic pieces that are missing while still staying in her clothing budget.  No easy feat.  She’s drawn to J.Crew, Madewell, and Nordstrom and understands the benefits of Cost Per Wear, especially when it comes to good denim.  I’d encourage Christa to also try out Express.

When I think of Christa I think of a look like this:

Only without all the accessories

or this:

Only without the flats, ankle boots for the win

Christa’s got  her style on lock and just needs to focus on what classic pieces she needs to slowly add to her collection.  She also wants effortless style.  I think the best thing for her to do is to learn about creating a capsule wardrobe.

I actually think we’d all benefit from a capsule wardrobe.  The idea is that each season you pick a few pieces (33-37 seems to me the going number) you already own, or are planning to buy including shoes, shirts, pants, dresses/skirts and wear only those pieces the whole season.  The reasoning behind this is that it cuts down on decision fatigue and it helps you shop your closet, making it easier to stick to a clothing budget and maybe have some cash to spend of the bigger ticket items, like designer denim perhaps.  Capsule wardrobe are great for moms at home and moms who work out of the home.  I know I’d love to make my morning routine easier.  Capsules will help you do that.

There is tons of information out there about this, just google “capsule wardrobe” and see what comes up.  Unfancy is the blog that I would definitely steer you to go learn more.  I also saw great ideas here and here.

I’ve also included some ideas below for Christa to create a new outfit where each piece could be broken down to wear with lots of other things in a capsule.  These are also all trendy pieces that might get your through a season or two.  Although Converse are here to stay if I have anything to say about it.  For spring, for everyone, one word: KIMONO.  Huge trend, that everyone can participate in and elevates your plain old jeans and t-shirt routine to the next level.  Trust.

Don’t you think Christa would look great hanging out at the library (studying or doing story time) in this outfit?  If converse aren’t your thing you can totally switch them out for ankle boots now or flats, different sneakers, or TOMS later.  I pop of color would be great in a shoe here too. I’m also a big fan of the Birkenstock although I know it’s not for everyone.

So do you think you’ll try a capsule wardrobe?  Do you think it’ll make your life easier?

Source If this one isn’t for you there are TONS more styles out there, just look around

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