We recently put all of our photos and videos onto a Google drive. In so doing, my husband and I started going through old videos of my son from when he was a baby. He is now almost 6. Although I totally love watching the videos and noticing certain behaviors and looks that he continues to make to this day, I can’t help but be blown away by the voice I hear in the video. My voice.

In each and every video, there I am. Talking to him, encouraging him, describing things to him, loving him. And quite frankly, the voice overwhelms me.

I cannot believe that I have been doing this mom thing for the nearly 6 years. I look at him in those videos, and it feels like it was only yesterday and an eternity. So much care and commitment has gone in to my son, and now daughter, during the last 6 years. Ensuring their safety, happiness, and health, and making sure they feel loved, are smart and social …the list goes on and on.

It’s a miracle that I’m still standing and haven’t lost my mind.

This month’s writing prompt, a la ctworkingmoms.com founder, Michelle Noehren is “Breath. Take it all in. Trust. Connect with your heart.”

Well, that’s just what I did as I watched those videos and I have to say, my heart is full. It’s still pretty wild that I’ve raised children for the last 6 years, but if I continue to take it all in and trust, I know it will be alright. We are doing alright. And for that, I am extremely grateful.


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