Photo credit I View Photography.

Photo credit I View Photography.

This phrase has become my mantra lately, mainly because, as I look back on the short time I’ve been a mom so far, short is exactly what it is.

Remember that time when it seemed baby gear would forever be furniture to trip over in our living room and dining room?  It was just a phase.

Or when we’d fill up entire dishwasher loads with only bottles and pump parts?  Also just a phase.

Or when we thought we’d never get another good night’s sleep ever again?  For the most part, thank goodness, JUST A PHASE.

I try to remind myself of this during the hard times, like now that we’ve entered the tantrum-from-out-of-nowhere zone, or when a simple diaper change takes an entire team effort/army of distractions/shameless bribes, or how we’ve fought every sickness known to daycare moms this winter. These too shall pass. And good riddance.

But I also have to slow myself down during the fun stuff, knowing that, as Lenny checks off each milestone with increasing speed, my little baby won’t be so little for very long. The snuggles, the nursing to sleep, the pure wonder and the way his eyes light up at the smallest delight–these will all pass in the blink of an eye, too.

It’s just a phase–my mantra to see me through the tough times, and to remind me to enjoy every bit of the good times.

Remember this. Photo credit Christa Allard.

Remember this.
Photo credit Christa Allard.

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