I have to admit I’ve been dreading summer coming just a bit. Sunshine, warm weather…I must be nuts for not wanting all of that, right?

But I’m apprehensive about our summer routine, and how we will make it work. This will be our first summer following a year at school, and I’d gotten used to the albeit short break in the middle of the day while my daughter attended preschool. I found myself fretting how I was going to find that time in my days during the summer months to fit in all the work that I typically cram into my afternoons while my daughter is at school. We work hard to set boundaries at home to show our daughter that things do have to happen around the house that don’t involve her, and that these things need to happen even when she’s in the house, but the truth is my daughter’s personality is such that she just doesn’t play for long on her own; she needs fairly constant interaction with someone – usually me – all day long. It took me a long time to come to the realization that her constant need for others was part of her character and not a product of over-coddling as a stay at home parent; it’s simply a fact that as much as her mother is an introvert, my daughter is an extrovert, through and through. In any case, being home with her all day every day fares well for lots of play but not a ton of work.

This post doesn’t have a happy ending – I truly haven’t figured out how I’m going to do it all with less time this summer – but it does have a silver lining. Without a commute to preschool eating up our day, we will be free to visit the farmer’s market and take our long stroller walks that we enjoy – checking out the architecture of the historic homes, picking up bits of nature to do some sort of craft with, and usually stopping for a bite to eat or ice cream in one of Old Wethersfield’s quaint shops. It’s a chance for my daughter and I to spend uninterrupted time together, while sneaking in some fresh air and exercise (even if I do cancel it out with some Espresso Ripple Bean). I’m going to trust that the time for work will be found, as I also gain something else we’ve been needing more of lately – quality mother-daughter time and bit of exercise as well.

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