I’m taking a break from my usual serious topics to talk about something that I’m obsessed with – BRAIDS! If you follow me on Instagram I’m constantly adding photos of my latest braided hairstyles. I can’t get enough. Seriously.

The best thing about braids is that many of them are SO EASY. I wouldn’t lie to you. Some of these take me 2 minutes but at most 5 minutes. I can do them with wet hair and save time not having to use the hair dryer. ALL braids look better on 2nd or 3rd day hair which is music to the ears of a busy mom.

I have found that some braiding tutorials are way harder than they appear, or might even say they’re easy but they sure as heck aren’t. I’ve had a few braids come out horribly, making me feel like those funny failed Pinterest photos. So I’m giving you tried and tested braiding tutorials with my own personal photos as proof that you can do this! I’m not a hairstylist, far from it, so when I say these are easy I mean it. Let’s get started!

1. Snake Braid

This is by far the easiest of the five I’m sharing today. It looks really complicated but it’s actually just a regular old braid that you smoosh! It takes like 30 seconds. Here’s a written tutorial and here’s a video tutorial (Luxy Hair’s YouTube channel is my favorite, so many fantastic hair tutorials).

Snake Braid

2. Headband Braid

I love the way headband braids look. They can be as simple as making a regular braid on one side of your hair, near your ear, and wrapping it over to the other side and securing it with bobby pins. I’ve done that and it looks super cute. For today though I’m including this YouTube video I found recently because it explains SO clearly each step and provides FOUR headband braid options. I went with the dutch headband braid and followed the video instructions completely. Took me maybe 2 minutes to do. Looks great with your hair down.


3. Side Dutch Braid

You can also do a side french braid but I personally love the way the dutch braid looks. When you get your dutch braid all set you can go back through it and pull on it a bit to make it nice and big. Here’s a video tutorial from Luxy Hair about how to do the whole side dutch braid. If you want to start by first learning to do a regular dutch braid here’s a written tutorial for that. A dutch braid is braided like a regular braid but instead of crossing the pieces over the middle piece, they go UNDER the middle piece. So you get that nice, full look. LOVE IT. Also, when I wear this braid I feel like a fucking warrior princess!

Side dutch braid

4. Waterfall Braid

This one is SO pretty and was made famous by Lauren Conrad (sidebar – I love Lauren Conrad’s hair, especially how gorgeous her ombre color always looks!). This is also surprisingly easy and is essentially like doing a french braid but only pulling in hair from one side (instead of both). You end up with this super cool waterfall effect that makes it seem like you’re a hair styling professional. This takes me maybe 2-3 minutes and I finish it off with a regular braid. Here’s a video tutorial (yes it’s done on a kid but hey, it looks great on grown ups too!).


5. Bohemian Side Braid

So, I haven’t nailed this one yet, truth be told. Essentially this is a side french braid that’s loose and goes into a fishtail braid. This is the most complex one I’m posting but if you know how to fishtail braid you can easily do this! I love anything with bohemian in the title so I had to at least give it a try. You can see in my photos that the french braid part is too lose so you can’t really see it clearly but the fishtail part came out awesome. Practice makes perfect, got to keep working on it! Here’s the exact video tutorial I used.


I did another post with 5 easy hairstyles for moms with long hair, you can see that here.  It has tutorials for that other headband braid I mentioned, the BEST tutorial for learning a fishtail braid and some other fun ideas.

Happy hair day to you! Hope you have some fun with these ideas!

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