As working mothers we are often burdened with the task of having to balance the demands of our professions and our families. And let’s not kid ourselves, ladies…this can become a daunting task. I admit… I often become overwhelmed to the point where all I want to do is scream! I struggle with having to decide which role is more important at that moment. Do I focus on my child, or do I put his needs aside so I can take care of the needs of the families that are assigned to me?As a single mom, not having someone else to help carry the family load can make this choice even more difficult.

I often take home some of the worries of the families I’m helping. However, what helps me get through some really tough days are a few of my co-workers. They are also mothers and understand the work environment and the level of importance of what we need to do, yet we know one another on a personal level and have been able to be there for one another when our personal lives get rough.

I have always believed that co-workers become like a second family. Some of them are great and become life long friends, while others drive you crazy, but you tolerate them anyway….just like family. Either way, we spend a very large amount of time with these people.

I happen to be very lucky. I work everyday with three of the best women I have ever met. If it weren’t for these three ladies, I would probably have lost my mind by now. And they don’t even know it. I have gone through some difficult periods in my life, and there have been times where all I have to do is walk into the office and I’m cheered up by their spirit alone. We joke, laugh, bust one another’s ass, and we will also lean on one another for advice or a good venting session.

We all have different lives and different personalities, and all of us bring something different to the office that, for me, makes work easier to handle on the days I am really stressed out. We are here for each other when we need to vent, bitch, or cry, as well as discuss and develop ideas on how best to help the families we work with.
These ladies have let me act crazy when I needed to, have made me laugh and most of all supported me through more than they are aware of. So Christina, Danielle and Marta….you women ROCK!

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