You know what really annoys me? Anytime I’m sick, someone inevitably says, “uh oh, watch out, you might be pregnant”. Really?!? I might be having an unplanned pregnancy and this is how I’ve decided to discuss it, by mentioning I feel ill. Maybe, just maybe, I’m actually sick. I am a person after all, separate and distinct from my ability to give birth.

Wow…that felt good.

To get serious for a minute though, having blogged for for a while now, I have a much better understanding of the realities of miscarriage and how to be (and not be) sensitive. And, accusing a woman who is sick of being pregnant is not such a good idea. What if that woman is struggling to get pregnant or has recently experienced a miscarriage. It probably wouldn’t feel so good to have someone joke that she might be pregnant.

For me, it’s just plain annoying. My husband and I have decided that two children complete our family and so we will not be having another child. If I’m telling you I don’t feel well, it means I’m sick.

I’ve started thinking that the next time I’m sick and told I might be pregnant, instead of laughing awkwardly, I can discuss the IUD I had inserted into my uterus. That would be pleasant. Or, I can talk about how shocking it would be if in fact I were pregnant, seeing as I don’t want to expand my family. But that would be really personal and extremely uncomfortable.

…Sort of like being told you must be pregnant anytime you feel sick.