At 31 years old I went for my first mammogram and ultrasound from experiencing pain on my right side. Luckily, it was nothing to be concerned about, but I wanted to share with you my first experience. I hope that it sheds light and some humor for those who may be having one soon.

At 2:00 p.m. I arrived at the Hospital of Central Connecticut’s off-site building where mammograms and a whole host of other procedures take place. It was an enormous building, almost intimidating if you will. The words on the building read, “Hartford Hospital Cancer Center.” What a way to make patients feel optimistic or reminded of what they are going through. Have no fear, I did bring it up to Mary Beth, the wonderful, kind and friendly patient representative who took my insurance information.

At 2:30 p.m. I was brought into a room where I undressed and changed into a blue hospital top. Minutes later the technician met me in the mammogram room where for 15 minutes she made my boobs into pancakes. I never thought they could flatten out that thin! I joked with her saying, “I hope they go back to normal size!” Unfortunately, she wasn’t too fond of my humor, but that’s what gets me through some uncomfortable situations, it’s my way of making light of what’s going on around me.

I do think I drove her a little crazy (surprised aren’t you?), because I kept looking at the computer screen asking “is anything there?” and “how does everything look?.” I loved how the computer was right next to me as we took breaks in between taking images, but I don’t think she did. One thing I would have appreciated was a little more humor and discussions as to what was going to happen. Luckily, my mother gave me some insight the night before, but I like to know what’s going on at each stage. Not because I am “controlling” or “annoying”, but because it makes me feel more comfortable. Are you with me momma’s?

After the mammogram I had an ultrasound. I laid down for 30 minutes, as this nice polish woman used a wand and two bottles (exaggerating) of lube on my chest. It was a little weird I will have to say. I tried getting information out of that chick, but she didn’t budge. She followed hospital protocol to a T!

...while lovely, these are not by boobs!

…while lovely, these are not by boobs!

After that was over, the radiologist came in, all happy and stating her name and what not. I stood up from the bed and said “Yah, hi, nice to meet you, but can you tell me if everything looks OK?” She said, “Yes, don’t worry!” PHEW! I was able to breath.

She explained to me what was happening. My muscles were somehow getting aggravated in that area most likely from my underwire bra! I was shocked and surprised that a poor fitting/old bra could cause that much pain.  She explained to me that as we get older our breasts chance size and shape. Getting fitted for a bra every two years is a good way to keep an eye on how the muscles are changing.

So ladies, just like makeup, you should change out your old bras. Even if you think they are in good shape, it doesn’t matter – they could be the culprit causing your breasts to hurt.

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