I miss you all. I miss my friends that I don’t see all the time. I miss my high school friends, college friends, my sorority sisters, my tennis, soccer and softball friends, my ski buddies, my law school friends, my work friends and local friends a lot. I know facebook allows for that long distance connection, but I still miss a lot of the in-person communications, the stories, the experiences, the laughs, the tears, etc. Since motherhood, work and just life in general have gotten in the way of physically keeping in touch, I’ve had a lot of guilt about not making time for more of my friends. I have sorority sisters that live an hour or so away that I haven’t seen in FOREVER. I have 10 law school friends all living within a few miles of each other and I haven’t seen them since graduation.

This article that a college friend posted this week really rang true for me. I 100% do miss those moments. Nothing can erase those times together when we all really needed each other! Therefore, I wanted to do my own shout out to the amazing people (some who are no longer with us) who have been a critical part of my world.

But I guess the reality is that life moves and moves and moves. We can do what we can to meet up and see each other when it works for both of us (and our families). But I’ve allowed myself to not feel huge amounts of guilt over not seeing each other lately, because I know we’ve already done a lot for each other.

A wise friend once told me that you need friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s+. She said that having those friends keep you in touch with all of those points in your life while connecting with how those friends view the world. I have friends from all ages and walks of life that have all contributed to me – and I hope I’ve given them something in return with my friendship. I realize that what is really so meaningful in those relationships is what each person has given to me. I’ve had some incredible moments and memories with all of my friends who will always be a key part of my life and growth.

So, thank you.

Thank you to the friends who shared their lives with me in person through grade school and the teenager years.

Thank you to the friends who explored the 18-22 years with me in college and summer jobs.

Thank you for the work and social friends in my 22-24 age span when I was living in Hoboken, working in Manhattan and trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life.

Thank you to the law school friends who made the struggle fun and who embraced each other without judgment, allowing all of us to show our vulnerabilities and fears – especially on September 11, 2001.

Thank you to the work friends I’ve had at my various jobs from 27-now. I’ve continued to grow during that time and am more professionally mature and understanding than I was when I started because of you.

Thank you to the teachers, bosses, advisors and mentors who are still my friends long after the advisor/advisee relationship was over!

Thank you to the mom friends in my life. I know we have friends that we’ve been tight with when our babies were born close together. Friends who had kids in my children’s classes. Friends whose kids played on the same team. I hope we can hang out more even after those excuses to hang together have waned.

Thank you to this amazing group of mom bloggers who I rarely get to see IRL but have shared so much with and have so much compassion for!

Thank you to the friends in my life now who we spend more time with then every before because of our genuine friendship, not just because it’s convenient or just because our kids are currently friends! To my friends who are more than simply neighborhood friends – I love you guys!

Thank you to all of the friends who come and go but whom I can always pick right back up with as if no time had passed!

Thank you to all of my grown up friends!

And a big, huge special thank you to those long-term friends. Those are the friends that know EVERY SINGLE PART of you from the innocent and stupid phases all the way to the growing adult we are now.

Like this lady – my BFF for life who has seen me through a ton.


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And this lady – who means the world to us and our boys and who always has great ingenious ideas (especially after a few ice pops)!



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I still love and appreciate all of the friends who have made me into the person, professional and mom that I am today. You all have had a part in helping me realize (and continue to learn) about the person I want to be. Even if we don’t spend enough time together hanging out on a Friday night because I’m at a baseball game and you’re at karate, I’m still thinking of you!

And I hope every single one of you know that if you ever called me in a time of need or wanted to drop by for glass (or several) of wine, I’d do everything I could to make it happen!

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