My husband’s employment requires him to have some busy work periods throughout the year. This past month, particularly, is his busiest. For at least a few weeks his hours are morning – until midnight. Before children, it didn’t impact me that much. I could go out with friends, do some shopping and just relax at home. Now, with a three-year old girl, missing her daddy dearly, it’s a lot of work for me. Let me first get it out there by saying that single moms are angels, they work so hard and I couldn’t imagine how they do it all. They really are the best multi-taskers. Let’s give them a virtual round of applause, shall we?!

The first week of him working late was a big adjustment. Our three-year old was acting out and crying at night for her dad. It took me a few days to figure out how best to explain it to her, and I think our “talk,” coupled with her getting used to the fact that he’s working late has helped.

Nonetheless, I got up each morning, worked, picked her up at daycare, came home, cooked/cleaned, played with her and did the bedtime routine. Even though it’s been a big juggle, I feel as if her and I have grown closer the past month from it all. I have a stronger bond with her and really do love it.

However, when times got difficult for me, I’ve learned that taking a “time-out” can really help one’s sanity. I just tell my daughter that, “mommy is going to rest for a minute, I’ll be right back.” For the most part, she’s been OK with it and when she hasn’t I’ve learned that I need to just walk away. There is no point in me arguing or yelling, it doesn’t work and only makes it worse. When our daughter is older I want her to recall that when I was stressed out, I chose to walk away and unwind, rather than yell (for the most part).

To all the moms out there, pulling extra weight while the husbands are working – what gets you through it? How do you keep your cool while still juggling it all?


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