Last Friday, I turned 35.  If I’d been in denial about mid-thirties at 34, there’s no denying it now.  Here’s a glimpse of my 35:

    • My birthday present: A new furnace and a new central air system machine thingy.  And a 7-year, no interest loan.  I was most excited about that last part.  Wow, man.
    • Bonus present: Two days after those were installed, the hot water heater appeared to have kicked it. Awesome.  (After a call to the experts, a very cold shower for the husband, and a hilarious text message to me from him after said shower, it was fixed. for free.)
    • The present I was legit most excited about: My parents came over and trimmed an annoying bush that was blocking my kitchen window.  I was really, really, excited about and grateful for that.  Because I AM THIRTY-FIVE.
    • What I do for fun on the weekends: Visit Homegoods.  Rarely buy anything good.  Take kids to whatever playground we happen to be nearest to.  (Sometimes just the swingset in our backyard that is super pimped out with two swings, a slide and a sandbox.  Ok, it’s really the cheapest, most boring one Home Depot had when we bought it.)
    • Other stuff I do for fun on the weekends: Candy Crush.  Pretend to ignore the baby when he’s jumping in his crib because he’s been awake from his nap for a half hour.  Check work email.
    • Morning routine: Wake up at 5:50 regardless of the day and whether or not I’ve turned my alarm on.  Make coffee.Pretend to ignore the baby when he’s jumping in his crib because he’s been awake for a half hour.
    • Daytime routine: Most of my day is not really noteworthy, except that my co-worker and I tend to eat lunch at 11:30.  You know, when kindergartners typically eat lunch.
    • Nighttime routine: Usual mom stuff.  The most notable part of this routine is that over the past few years, I’ve been able to gradually move my own bedtime back from 9:00 until around 10:30.  Before kids, we’d stay up until 11:30 on the regular. Shut up, thirties – I’m making a comeback!

My life strategy at 35:  Hang out only with people who are older than me.  If you even know what Snapchat is, you’re out.  (Cause I don’t.  In fact, I had to go to their site to see how they format the name of it. And there was a little ghost there sticking its tongue out at me.  And nothing else.  Which I think is code for “You’re 35 so get out.”)

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