Texting has become ingrained in our daily lives over the past few years. I am a little slow with technology when I want to be, so I have to say I have dragged my feet in having the text be my first and preferred point of contact with work colleagues, friends, and even family members.  I still pick up the phone and call people, but I can tell by the sound of their voice (or voicemail) that many prefer the text over a phone call.  I am not sure if I am ready to have the text replace good old-fashioned verbal communication or face-to-face conversation, so I thought I would examine the pros and cons of texting today.


Pros of Texting

There are times when I love texting.  Like when my soul sister and fellow blogger Marie and I were giddily-texting each other while still at work at 2 am for days on end.  We were too tired to speak or even think, yet the hilarious texts just kept flowing and kept me going and happy. 😂😂 I love that you can communicate with anyone you love day or night, wherever you are!

I am happy that texting became mainstream after I got married so I don’t have to worry much about embarrassing drunk texts. 🍷🍻🍹

I am ridiculous with emojis.  I love them and can’t get enough of them ever since my teenaged niece Olivia installed that keyboard of delight onto my phone.  If I annoy you with my emojis, I am sorry, but I will never ever stop using them.  I just wonder why there isn’t a taco emoji?

Texting is a life-saver during emergency situations. For example, when my kids are sick in the middle of the night, I text my doctor-friends and get a reply right away.  It is so much better than waking up their families in the middle of the night, or nervously waiting for the answering service to reach the on-call doctor.

It’s a great way to plan a quick lunch or coffee with a friend.

I have something to do when I am sitting alone in my car, which happens a lot when you have sleeping babies in car seats 😴😴.

I just made a new mom friend today.  She took my phone number so we can plan a future play date and found myself telling her to text me, so we wouldn’t have to go through that awkward first phone conversation. 👄

I love group texts.  We have a family one going and they make me laugh out loud and help brighten my day.  It helps us keep each other in constant communication and I feel a greater connection with them because I know more about what is going on their lives.  It is also how we planned our escape from my daughter’s four hour dance recital the other day…

Cons of Texting

I know I am totally going to sound like a cranky old lady when I say that sometimes I am tired of texting.  Sometimes, I prefer to actually hear a friend’s lovely voice on the other end of a receiver when I am missing them; or I’d like to tell my husband I love him over the phone, rather than be all like I ❤️ you so much 💘😘.  But hey, it gets the job done.  He knows he’s loved, even if he never gets my texts.

I get a little irritated 😡 when I have to figure out a complex issue with someone over 20 texts, rather than just solving it in 30 seconds by talking with them over the phone. Yes, this has happened to me a few times.  These are the people who text me questions, and rather than taking the bait, I call them. But they don’t answer!  And then they text-ask me if I just called them.  And proceed to carry on a long,text conversation.  Now there are times when it’s ok to do this.  Like if you’re getting dental work, or you are at your kid’s school play, or hanging out at the library and you can’t talk out loud, but I can tell this was not this case.  Oh well.

sometimes I wish people would just use this.

sometimes I wish people would just use this.

Then there are some people, that text me “Please call me.” Here’s the thing, if you need me feel free to call me anytime, day or night.  I won’t mind at all and would be happy you called.  Make like Blondie and just call me.   Ok?  Thanks.

Also, I am not good at text-shorthand and so I write full-on sentences.  Maybe that’s why texting can be a little tedious for me?

In the end, I think the pros totally outweigh the cons 👍👍 when it comes to texting for this crazed mama.  It can be annoying at certain times, but overall I think it has enhanced the way I communicate with others in all realms of my life.  Texting is fun, convenient and good in emergency situations.  👏 And while my kids are too young (thank goodness!) to have cell phones of their own, I know there will be pros and cons with this as well.  But that is a bridge to cross for another day.

What are some of your pros and cons with texting?

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