thV8M4NEA7Its summer vacation and my kids are free. They can stay up late and play all day. No homework for them and no early morning routines for us. Its been the best week ever. The only regret I have is that I’m unable to join them the week before camp starts. As I kissed my son goodbye yesterday he asked me where I was going. I chuckled a little and reminded him that I had to work. “Awwww…well have a good day anyway!”

Its been wonderful watching them unwind from a demanding school year. First and second grade were not what I imagined and I secretly fantasize about homeschooling. My son is devouring books in the few days he’s been off. You would never believe less than a week ago he complained about twenty minutes of reading. Its amazing when the pressure to perform is off and he can simply enjoy learning.

“Can I go outside?” my daughter asks for the tenth time last night. I watch her through the picture window racing for the tree in the middle of the yard. She performs her routine by climbing up to the highest branch she can reach (this keeps changing), hanging upside down from the lowest branch, and then dramatically dropping to the ground. Her balance and form are pretty incredible and I would have to spend hours at the gym to stay as fit as she is. As she sprints to the swing set, you would never believe she’s rated “needs improvement” for gym class every single marking period. Yet her favorite activities are hiking, climbing, and running.

It seems as if summer is already giving my kids (and our family) an opportunity for a break and to do the things we enjoy without all of the demands. Even though I have to work, I love summer vacation!

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