I love camp. Although I myself have never attended camp (having grown up in a country where going to camp was not really something we could afford to do), I love that my son gets to have fun, play, make new friends, and develop his artistic and theatrical skills.

More specifically, I love Dress Up Wednesdays. We’ve been going to the same camp for 2 years now and we always look forward to Dress Up Wednesdays. To be honest, maybe I look forward to it a wee bit much more than my son.

He is always excited though. On Mondays he brings home the camp’s agenda for the week, and we look over what the theme is, and what Dress Up Wednesday is. This year so far, he’s been a clown at a carnival, an old lady with crazy grey hair, a caveman, and… Willie Nelson. Last year his most memorable looks included a pirate and Barry Gibbons of ZZ Top.

I love that my son is so committed to the idea of dressing up. He helps with the conceptualization of what he wants to be, we look at what we have in our props and costume bin, and we test out the concepts. He takes it for a ‘dry run’, to make sure it all fits, and gives feedback. He really wants to do well in this, not just for the prize (I think they give out lollipops to the winners) but because he is truly invested in being successful at it.

Cambridge Online Dictionaries define commitment as “a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in”. That is exactly what my son does, not just for Dress Up Wednesday, but to all activities and things that he is passionate about. Whether it is building Legos, doing his school work, learning about something new, or writing stories, he goes all out. His level of enthusiasm is very high. And he is in it to win it.

As a grown-up, I think of how many times I have flaked out of doing something because of lack of commitment. How at the beginning I was very invested in something only to have my enthusiasm fizzle out in the end. I’m sure you’ve all felt it. If I can just bottle that level of commitment and enthusiasm my son has and sell it to corporations I will be  rich. Imagine the productivity! We can probably solve a lot the world’s problems using this stuff. That level of earnestness and dedication is a marvel that I live every day thru my son. As my son learns through me, I learn through him. I am humbled.

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