1) Crossed some more items off the to-do list. Yes, multiple items. It felt great, and the house felt cleaner, at least until Lenny got home the next day. It was a glorious 18 hours or so.


2) Used the bathroom uninterrupted, and with the door closed for the duration. Heavenly.


3) Slept through the night. Lenny has been in a clingy, whiney Mommy Phase lately and has been waking up in the middle of the night. Turns out he slept fine at Grandma’s (of COURSE he did!) and I got some much-needed sleep as well.


4) Cooked a meal with multiple steps, which involved multiple pans.


5) On second thought, a quick trip for burritos sounded like a better option. A rare night “out” with my honey!


6) Ate dinner at a reasonable hour. We usually eat after Lenny has gone to bed, which can sometimes make for a late dinner. Clingy Lenny equals impossibly long bedtime routines. I think the sun was even out as we were eating–bonus!


7) Plucked my eyebrows. They still need professional help, but it was a start.


8) Watched something other than Finding Nemo. While I do prefer this movie to some of Lenny’s other requests, it’s been on in an endless loop over here. Lenny can quote it and can act it out in places, which is equal parts adorable and equal parts frightening that he’s seen it that many times. And yet, the movie allows me to make lunches in the morning during the week and enjoy a cup of coffee on weekend mornings. Still, some non-animated television was a nice change.

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